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Jordan Wiener is not only a skilled real estate sales professional, he is a caring and understanding advisor to his clients. Both of us have had many experiences buying and selling homes over the years, and the homes always get bought and sold, but the activities were not always pleasurable. With Jordan there is true personal concern, lots of creativity and thinking “outside of the box” about not only what will work to expedite the process, but also what will make the experience as rewarding and painless as possible.

Moving one’s residence is always a stressful change. Jordan’s perspective and humor do much to make the process enjoyable. Jordan has an almost psychological approach when communicating with his clients and their buyers or sellers. He picks up the spirit behind his clients’ needs and motivations so that he accurately determines what they really want and need.

Along with everything else about his professional service, for us he became a trusted friend and someone you would recommend to your friends to be sure they get to the home they’ll love.

Thank you for everything, Jordan
Roberta and Michael